Bengaluru City Business Directory

Bengaluru is a capital of Karnataka and is also known as Bangalore. Bengaluru is a hub of Multinational companies and is often called as “Silicon Valley of India”. Bangalore even has biggest IT park in Whitefield, Bangalore. Apart for being famous for MNCs, Bengaluru is also famous for its parks, pubs, bars and nightlife as lots of IT bachelors reside in this beautiful city.

Bengaluru has authentic cuisines which serves traditional food of the South India. So, if you are in Bangalore and you are not having authentic filter coffee here then your trip is incomplete, the aroma of this coffee which is made from fresh coffee beans is simply awesome.

And some of the delectable dishes that you should definitely try when you are in this city are Seafood dishes at Taj Gateway Hotel which includes prawns, crabs and fish which are served with your choice of curries and neer dosa. Coin Paratha served with ghee roasted chicken at “The Permit Room” is super delicious and you would regret if you won’t try it, Toscano an Italian cuisine which serves best Pasta in the city. The Only Place is worth visiting as it serves the best Apple pie and this place is always packed with food lovers, Mysore Pak is a famous sweet of Karnataka and is worth tasting, you can get it from Anand sweet shop.

Bengaluru has some top attractions as well, so if you are visiting Bengaluru make sure that you must explore these wonderful places like

1.Bannerghatta Biological Park: is the national park in India and is famous for its temples and Botanical garden. You can also do trekking and hiking here. Also, its famous for Wildlife Safari where you can see wild animals like lion, tiger etc.

2. Lalbagh Botanical Garden: is famous for its Landscaped gardens and also glasshouse which was established in year 1890 and is used for flower shows. It hosts flower shows during Independence Day and Republic day week.

3. Bangalore Palace: is actually a Royal palace and it is open for visitors and tourists to see the ancient heritage, art and culture of India. Also, numerous events are also held in this palace.

4. ISCKON Temple Bangalore: Though ISCKON temple is in almost every metro cities of India, Bengaluru is also one of them and it is worth visiting for Lord Krishna devotees and it serves really nice prasad and food also. ISCKON Temple in itself is so beautiful, it is all white like marble and its architecture is really attractive.

When you are in Bengaluru you must buy some of the popular things like Mysore silk sarees, Channapatna wooden toys, Coorg Coffee Powder, famous and tasty sweets like Dharwad peda and Mysore Pak, South Indian spices and cashew nuts snacks item as cashews are grown widely in Karnataka.

Bengaluru is a city in India, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here. Following are some of the localities in Bengaluru: Adugodi, Anandrao Circle, Austin Town, Avenue Road, Banashankari, Banashankari 1st Stage, Banashankari 2, Banashankari 3