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Address: Sadguru Nagar, Raghavendra Nagar Colony, L. B. Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500074

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13 Jan 2021
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This review is for the over all car o man dumb *** service stations although I had an experience in LB nagar branch which is managed by the a freak called RAJU! Who is one of a kind personality!!These ***** don’t deserve even a one rating and since that’s the least couldn’t help my self. The resin I’ve used this language is because they used it in front of me by addressing the other reviewers by this word!Firstly it took 70 days for my car to get out of their so called well equipped workshop! Which has the worlds worst servicemen! It was a simple insurance claim and for parts they took 50 days and 20 days for the repair. One fine day I get a call saying my car is ready and I jump with joy and visit the useless workstation hoping that I’m all set to leave with my car. This is the interesting part where they air intake isn’t fixed, bonnet holding rod missing and the paint job is the amazing part where there are air bubbles on the bonnet which was replaced and also the hood which had nothing to do with the repair! The owner one useless guy Raju who is jerk shows up and starts arguing and tries to cover up the fraud which begins with using of used dented parts for my insurance claim and charging full amount from the insurance company(I really potty my insurance company). These ***** are worth less they make me wait for 8 hours then fight argue, next comes the interesting part where they commit to you saying your vechile has been serviced but it actually isn’t and this is when I pull out the oil pin and check that the oil Is black! My insurance claim comes with a wheel alignment as it’s a major accident but these folks eat up that money too and haven’t got the wheel alignment done! Wonderful experience where I got to meet bunch of jerks and I had to leave the so called useless facility with dissatisfaction!Few things I wanted to highlight!1) No freaking coordination2) Misbehaviour3) Duplicate parts! (original villa will be generated but parts are duplicate!)4) wrong commitments5) Stole my working condition Wiper motor and asked me to pay 12k for nee one(lol cheap ***** )6) Last but not the least your Vehicle us screwed!!!!!Thanks you dumb **** Raju the owner for making my experience one of a kind and screwing up my car to the core! You really deserve this🖕🏻!!!!!I pitty that they earn by cheating customers.XOXOWITH LOVE TO A *** !! May god *** you up!!!!!!!!!

Image of Shanitha Hariparsad
19 Apr 2020
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