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Image of rajeev sadasivan
21 Apr 2020
rajeev sadasivan
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I like her work. I got ready by her for my daughter's wedding and she turned me out in a queen. I got so much compliments from everyone. Highly recommend her to near and dear ones.

Image of Motorcycle Diaries
16 Apr 2020
Motorcycle Diaries
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I love bold makeup looks. Showed her a picture and she gave me the exact same look. Had a very good experience with her.. Totally love her work! πŸ‘πŸ»

Image of Pahul Malhotra
14 Apr 2020
Pahul Malhotra
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My cousin got married last week and i personally wasn't quite sure whether she should go to a beauty parlor or get it done from you guys but.... You guys really made the day 10Γ— more special for her....

Image of jaison jacob
09 Apr 2020
jaison jacob
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A very cooperative and understanding person. Love her work. Made my makeup look very natural. Will for sure book her again. One of the Bestest Makeup Artist in India

Image of Dhatchina Murthy
03 Apr 2020
Dhatchina Murthy
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Awesome make overs. We went there for an bridal makeup. My daughter turned into an angel. So realistic. So fantastic. The shades they used matched well with her wedding dress. She was very happy. This is the best I suggest.

Image of Deveshi Khanna
21 Mar 2020
Deveshi Khanna
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She is the most amazing makeup artist ever. I would never rely on anyone when it comes to my face accept for her. Highly recommend this crazy little pack of talent. Xoxo

Image of Danish B2benquiry
09 Mar 2020
Danish B2benquiry
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Amazing Work done by the lady....Never had such Good Experience ever before ....she really know the application of her skills. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is seeking a professional for any

Image of playground
26 Jan 2020
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Really loved the experience. She is an amazing artist with a perfect hand. If you are looking for a makeover, just head here and avail the greatest services! Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Highly recommend for anyone seeking similar experiences!

Image of Koti Naik
18 Jan 2020
Koti Naik
Found the review Helpful?

I've never felt prettier. Thank you so much Ridhi for the great makeup. You totally made my day. I would recommend her to everyone. She really understands your skin and what will suit you the best. And more than anything else she really talks you out of anxiety on your big day. She is a beautiful person inside out.

Image of Doorbean Films
17 Jan 2020
Doorbean Films
Found the review Helpful?

We have worked with ridhi several times for our bridal shoots.She always makes the bride look so magnificent that it adds so much to our photography result.Such a genius at her craft.

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