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Address: Agency Road, Sewarhi, Uttar Pradesh 274406

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4.2 Average rating
Image of Abraham M. Jacob
25 Apr 2020
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Beautiful and clean station ,seasonable city ,it's good area & enjoying place.Perfect for living here

Image of Quantative Aptitude
22 Apr 2020
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I loved t road. T road is beautiful city m from mehadiya n my village is also Gud I wanna spend my hole life in tamkuhi road

Image of ABHINAV mishra
18 Apr 2020
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When I was child I also visit to this station to go from here to my bua house. This is best place for super express train route. This station is the face of. Sugar factory sevrahi

Image of bhartuhari desai
11 Apr 2020
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This railway station located in remote location.Basic Services such as toilet and drinking water is not properly available,display of train is not provided at station where as it have computerised ticket Reservations office

Image of sebin sunny
09 Apr 2020
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Good place but not clean

Image of Wahid Khan
08 Apr 2020
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Good place for market and purchasing purpose

Image of Comedy masti
03 Apr 2020
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Super railway station

08 Feb 2020
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My birth place.. I luv this city. No words to say about this place 🤗But need to more and more development in iner city.🎢

Image of Brittnie Pighin
20 Jan 2020
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nice place for marketing

Image of Ankit, Google Guider
08 Jan 2020
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Great railway station in this area. Need more development. Govn. Have to focus on this, and provide 2-3 more train (express) from here.

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