Ramsinghpura City Business Directory

Ramsinghpura is a small village in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The local language of people who resides in this village are Hindi and Pahari. Ramsinghpura is administrated by head of the village called as Sarpanch. Literacy rate of this village is quite high, and the major source of income is agriculture. mYou can reach Ramsinghpura by means of train form railway stations namely Jhim Railway Station and Bassi Railway station. Also, there are theatres like Gayatri Mandir and Hanuman garden. Temples are also there in Ramsinghpura like bhairav baba temple, Balaji mandir and hanuman mandir. Mosques like macca masjid and masjid al qadir is also there in Ramsinghpura village. There are several local parks in the village where you can spend some good time, also, all these parks are at the distance of around 5kms from the village Ramsinghpura.

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